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Pressure washer cleaner: What are the most important things to consider?




The best pressure washer surface cleaners can quickly and effectively clean even the hardest and dirtiest surfaces. They are the type of Gear that works hard, so you don’t have to. However, there is a lot to consider before making your decision to buy one.

Some tips will help you in your decision in choosing the perfect pressure washer surface cleaner.


Every surface cleaner that works through pressure washing is different. They have varied grades and output. However, officially they are all the same, so understanding the difference between the models will help you know which one is best for your need.

  • Consumer-grade models have grown in popularity in the recent past. They are useful for lightly soiled applications. Unlike professional washers, they can clean with lower-grade hoses and can work with manual or electric pressure washers.
  • Semi-professional pressure washer surface cleaners have heavy-duty components, nozzles, and bearings. This is extremely popular with homeowners and people who like to do their own deep cleaning. This type is perfect for those who want to clean medium soiled applications.
  • Professional pressure washer surface cleaners can come in heavy-duty vertical models. They are able to handle lots of pressure. Some models can even handle hot water

Power Source

Even the simplest of pressure washers must have a power source. Typically, they work with either gas or electric power. The gasoline-powered models are known for having a better pressure output than the electric types. However, they are bigger than the ones that work with electricity.

This is extremely important when it comes to finding the right components. Just like a car or any machine, using the wrong components can lead to many problems. The water volume used to power the spinning might damage the surface cleaner if it’s too powerful.

PSI (Pounds per Square Inch)

This is an important topic when it comes to surface cleaning. The PSI refers to how much pressure the surface cleaner is able to handle. A very strong surface cleaner in a lightly soiled surface can lead to damage. However, a weak one won’t be able to handle the job and leave things dirty as usual.

As we mentioned before, the consumer-grade pressure washer surface cleaners are lighter-duty. They usually work within the 2,000 PSI range. They can clean stains on certain surfaces without damaging them.

The semi-pro models can handle between 2,500 PSI and 4,000 PSI. Most of them, however, work with 3,500 PSI. They work with the toughest stains and concrete surfaces. So, for those who want something in-between, they are perfect.

Professional-grade models are a must for every full-time crew that works with pressure washers. They are able to handle more than 4,500 PSI. That means that they need to be operated properly to avoid damages and, in most cases, are too much for someone who just wants to do simple cleaning.

So, when it comes to picking a pressure washer surface cleaner, the best option is to observe your needs and buy one according to it.


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