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Everything You Need to Know About Wax Warmers




Everyone requires peace and relaxation after a long and tiresome day. Wax warmers reward you by greeting you with a soft fragrance when you enter your room.

Wax warmers are becoming more popular because they are safer and don’t need precautions like traditional candles. Wax warmers are available in most online and physical stores and are not very expensive.

Some people also buy wholesale wax warmers because they are commendable for personal use and gifting purposes. The article talks about the ins and outs of wax warmers which will help you decide if you want one or not.

What Is a Wax Warmer?

Wax warmers use a heating source that melts the wax melts, releasing their fragrances into the air. Wax melts are not complete candles but scented candle leftovers that give out refreshing smells when warmed.

Wax warmers have different kinds of inbuilt heating sources. For instance, some use small electric heaters while others use tealight candles or lightbulbs to melt the candles. Note that wax warmers only melt the candles and not light them, which is why they are safer.

How Is a Candle Warmer Different Than a Wax Warmer?

Candle and wax are two names of the same thing, then why are the devices named candle and wax warmers? Well, there is a difference. As explained earlier, wax warmers warm the wax melts. Wax melts are small pieces of scented candles that don’t require much heat to melt.

In contrast, a candle warmer is used to melt a bigger candle, like candles enclosed in jars or other heat-resistant containers. Also, not all candle warmers are only used to melt candles. Since they have a powerful heating source, they also serve as beverage warmers. Candle warmers are safer for using in places with fire risks.

Benefits Of Using a Wax Warmer


A wax warmer’s first and foremost benefit is that it uses no flames. Although some models use tealight candles to warm the wax melts, if you put it out timely, it isn’t harmful. But if you think it’s risky, you can skip the tealight candle wax warmers and pick an electric one.

According to a report, unattended lit candles have damaged property worth 278 million dollars due to their open flames. However, leaving your wax warmer on all night is perfectly safe as their heating sources are not very powerful.

Wax Melts Last Long

Wax melts last longer (up to 10 hours) than traditional candles, which only last for a few hours. When you feel the wax melts are wholly used and don’t give out a smell anymore, you can refill the wax warmer with more wax melts.

Can Work as a Diffuser

Although no devices specifically work as wax diffusers, some wax warmers also work as oil warmers. So, if you want to use essential oils and wax, look for warmers that heat both.


Wax warmers are devices that melt scented wax melts by using a heating source. The kind of heating source depends upon the warmer’s model. Many users speak about candle and wax warmers interchangeably. However, they have a slight difference. Wax warmers only heat small wax melts and not entire candles. In comparison, candle warmers heat larger candles, and some models keep beverages warm.

Wax warmers are safer than traditional candles as they don’t use flames. Also, wax melts use natural fragrances and don’t contain harmful chemicals like benzene, which scented candles sometimes do. So if you want something that keeps your room fresh and isn’t risky if left on, a wax warmer is the best option.


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